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This list is organised by ease-of-use for beginners. I’d consider CoinTracking to be the best option out there, but most newcomers seem intimidated by it (which is why it’s at the bottom of the list). Delta and Blockfolio are well-recommended by the community.

If you want a list of all the other cryptocurrency portfolio trackers (which I’m aware of), then check out this page.


A portfolio tracker for iOS and Android devices which is easy-to-use, responsive, and packed with features. API imports will be available soon to all users, but you’ll be limited to connecting two exchanges unless you upgrade to their PRO package ($5/month).


A portfolio tracker which allows you to track and manage your portfolio easily, setup price alerts, and catch-up with the latest cryptocurrency news. While not as fully featured as Delta, it remains a popular iOS and Android portfolio tracker amongst the cryptocurrency community. is a basic web-based tool which allows you to track your portfolio value over time, setup a watchlist, and aggregates cryptocurrency news. It doesn’t have fancy features right now (although they’re actively developing it), but it’s free and suitable for investors who don’t trade regurarly.


An up-and-coming portfolio tracker which is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to easily to track and manage your investments. Currently, AltPocket only supports automatic imports from a select few exchanges – which makes it inappropriate for active traders.

While AltPocket is currently free, upcoming features (e.g., automatic imports from more exchanges and investment alerts) will only be available to subscribers. For anyone who subscribes right now, you can grab a lifetime subscription for $150.


Undoubtedly the best portfolio tracker on the market. It tracks every cryptocurrency available, can be setup to automatically import your trades from most major exchanges, generate tax reports, and much more.

You can try out their platform for free, but you’ll need to upgrade your account to unlock all features. Signup through this link and you’ll get a 10% discount if you decide to upgrade your account later. An additional 5% discount is available if you pay with BTC.

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