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I’ve sampled a decent number of cryptocurrency newsletters, but these are my favourites. Although there’s some overlap across most of them, I still find it valuable to keep subscribed to each of them.

Marty's Bent

Sends out a daily newsletter about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related matters. Thought provoking and no-nonsense commentary.

You can browse past issues here.

Token Economy

A weekly newsletter (published every Sunday) which recaps the best articles, projects and upcoming ICOs.

You can browse past issues here.

Chain Letter

Put together by the MIT Technology Review. A bi-weekly newsletter (published every Tuesday and Thursday) which addresses anything blockchain or cryptocurrency-related.

You can browse past issues here.

Crypto Weekly

A bi-weekly (published every Tuesday and Friday) which curates cryptocurrency news, provides expert analysis, publishes exclusive interviews, and more.

The Blockchain Newsletter

A weekly newsletter (published every Friday) which curates the best cryptocurrency content from the past 7 days.

You can browse past issues here.

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