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I’ve hand-selected some ridiculous novelty gifts for someone that loves Bitcoin (and/or cryptocurrency). Everything I’ve selected is under about £20.

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All Things Decentral

From great t-shirts to ‘Bit Soap’ (to “keeps your bits clean”), All Things Decentral has apparel, merchandise, artwork, and much more. Ships from the US, so check up on your country’s import duty fees before you order anything.



I’ve found some of the best looking crypto-related t-shirts on RedBubble. Most designs are under £20.


Some nice looking t-shirt designs on Spreadshirt, but most are pretty generic or plain.


Gold Plated Bitcoin

A copper, silver, or gold plated iron Bitcoin. Costs just £3.99, is well-rated by other customers, but ships in 2-3 weeks.

Gold Plated Bitcoin

Well recommended by customers, but costs about £20 (incl. delivery).


Magical Internet Money

What a beautiful mug.

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