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Use these tools to keep track of unit prices, market capitalisation, and market rankings. These tools are also useful as a springboard for researching cryptocurrencies. My favourite on this list is OnChainFX.


Shows unit price, market capitalisation, and more for all cryptocurrencies available.


A better version of CoinMarketCap which has more metrics (e.g. implied Y2050 Market Cap.) and customisability (e.g. choose your own columns).


A cleaner and simpler version of CoinMarketCap (with a decent night-mode if you don’t want your eyes to bleed).


Ranks all cryptocurrencies by their market capitalisation, liquidity, development activity, community strength, and public interest. This is a resource which should be used in conjunction with CoinMarketCap or OnChainFX.


Ranks cryptocurrencies by the number of GitHub commits.

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