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Binance is now the most popular and well-recommended cryptocurrency exchange, with over 6 million registered accounts. It’s easy to see why: they have over 250 trading pairs, low trading fees (0.1%), and no verification requirements (2BTC 24-hour withdrawal limit). If you’re looking to buy popular alternative cryptocurrencies, then you’ll probably find what you want here.


Until Q4 2017, Bittrex was the recommended cryptocurrency exchange. With the increased demand towards the end of 2017, they weren’t able to keep up and have subsequently temporarily suspended new users from signing up.

Supports numerous cryptocurrencies, has trade fees of 0.25%, and account verification is required. Binance seems like the superior exchange at the moment


Although not as popular and well-recommended as Binance or Bittrex, Poloniex offers 99 trading pairs, with reasonable fees (which reduce depending on your trading volume).

Accepting new user registrations, but the verification process is currently slow.


KuCoin is an up-and-coming exchange which looks and functions like Binance. They have over 197 trading pairs, with new cryptocurrencies added all the time. Has low trading fees (0.1%).


Easily and quickly exchange between 83+ different cryptocurrencies. Also supports purchases with a Visa or Mastercard (USD).


Easily and quickly exchange between 48+ cryptocurrencies.

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